“You must photograph where you are involved; where you are overwhelmed by what you see; where you hold your breath while releasing the shutter, not because you are afraid of jarring the camera, but because you are seeing with your guts wide open to the sweet pain of an image that is part of your life.” - Harold Feinstein

Master portrait, street and visionary photographer Harold Feinstein perfectly describes the way I feel about photography in my life. After picking up my father’s Nikkormat at the age of 13, I have never put it down. Of course the Nikkormat has given way to new technology but the desire to photograph those ethereal moments in time remain unchanged. I'd love to discuss with you what you have in mind for your session!

I make pictures because I can't help but capture the moment before me. As the speed of life whips past - seemingly faster as our small children grow into bigger children - what greater gift could we give them and ourselves but images that capture the essence of their childhood.

And a few of mine...

As my family's "official" photographer,
I invariably have a difficult time getting myself into the photo. Sometimes the “outtakes” are the ones we treasure most!


Me and my third child in the hospital.
(photo credit: Dad).

And his brother and sister meeting
him for the first time.