Thank you for your interest in my work!

As a professional newborn, children and family portrait photographer as well as the mother of three, I bring a wide range of experience with children to every photo session. I specialize in fine art newborn photography as well as candid, photojournalistic style family portraiture.

I can be reached at [email protected]

2020 session fees include the final set of edited, high-resolution digital files within three days of the session, and full entitlement to print, make albums and share your password-protected photos online as you please.



Child’s Portrait Session ~ including Family Portrait

My goal is to capture, as artfully as possible, expressions that truly reflect your child or children - at any age! Whether they are at a milestone age during their first year (three months, six months/sitting) or One Year or older, I hope to capture their wonder, curiosity and playfulness. I have props and toys to keep your children engaged at my studio in Dobbs Ferry so the session will feel like we're playing!  I work at a relaxed and easy pace photographing each family member. Each session includes plenty of time for snacks and breaks. After the session is over, your child or children (over the age of 2) can select a prize from my well stocked prize box : ) Everyone leaves the studio smiling - especially parents! Please inquire about adding tub time portraits for SiX Month and One Year sessions. One Year Session includes all decorations and the cake!

Session Fee: $550.00
Session Length: 1.5 - 2 hours
Expect approximately 40 high-resolution digital files


Newborn/Family Studio Portrait Session

Your session will include a series of portraits of your baby in various poses, as well as you and your baby, your partner and baby and a family portrait with any siblings at my beautiful daylight studio in Dobbs Ferry. I have carefully selected an assortment of swaddles, hats, bows and backgrounds in a variety of neutrals and whites for you to choose from. My elegant studio is designed to feel like a home to achieve a combination of lifestyle photos as well as portraits of your baby. Anything that comes in contact with your baby is washed before use and steam cleaned the day of the session. Feel free to make an appointment to come by before you deliver!

Session Fee: $650.00 Multiple births Add $250.00 for each additional baby
Session Length: 1.5 - 2 hours
Expect approximately 40 - 50 high-resolution digital files

I am now offering a Newborn "Mini" Studio Portrait Session - just portraits of your new little one in a variety of poses with full access to all my studio props, swaddles, hats, bows and backgrounds.

Mini Session Fee: $450.00 Multiple births : Add $250.00 for each additional baby
Add $75.00 per older sibling
Session Length: 1 hour
Expect approximately 30 high resolution digital files


Maternity Session

An expertly lit and styled studio session includes portraits of you, you and your partner and if this isn’t your first child, your older children. I have a variety of sheer and semi sheer fabrics that will drape beautifully around you. I suggest coming to the studio between your 28th and 35th week of pregnancy. Prior to the session, we will discuss wardrobe ideas that will make you feel comfortable and show off your wonderful shape to create images you will treasure.

Session Fee: $650.00
Session Length: 1.5 - 2 hours
Expect approximately 30 high-resolution digital files

Maternity & Newborn Package
A Maternity session and Family Newborn session package. What better way to capture and celebrate your wondrous transformation as well as welcome your new little soul into the world!
The easiest way to guarantee your new little one will be photographed within those first two precious weeks of life.

Session Package Fee: $950.00


Portraits at your next Party

Ask me about portraits at your next party! If you’re having a family gathering or friends over to celebrate a special event or birthday, I set up my studio in your home and offer intimate, one-of-a kind portraits of couples or families. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Session fee: Hourly rate of $400 (with a 2 hour minimum).
$200 each additional hour. 




What should I wear for a portrait session? What about my kids?

For most Newborn, Family or Maternity Sessions, I recommend wearing light tops or crisp button downs in pale colors or neutrals. Think of dressing casually but in something that's new so what you are wearing feels fresh. If we've discussed photographing you against a black backdrop, I recommend you wearing deep colored solids or black t-shirts or tank tops with jeans. Prior to our session, I’ll be happy to provide additional advice especially if we'll be photographing you outside. While at my studio, Moms will be able to select from a range of dresses for both maternity and Family Newborn sessions. Sizes range from Medium to Large and will fit most.
If you typically get a manicure or a pedicure, please consider getting a fresh one just before the session! Your hands will especially be very visible in a Family Newborn Session and a Maternity Session.

What Should I Bring to a Newborn Session? 

I have everything your baby will need during the session. Together, we'll select from my collection of swaddles, hats/bows what your baby will be wrapped in during the session. Everything that comes in contact with your baby will be steamed prior to use. If your baby uses a pacifier, please have one handy.
Your baby should be fed just before we're about to start the session. Feel free to bring a hungry baby, there is a comfortable and private place to nurse/feed at my studio.

I have older children, should I bring them to your studio after you have photographed my newborn?

Yes! It usually takes about 1 hour to photograph a newborn, allowing for nursing and soothing. So, if you can arrive first with your newborn and then have your older child or children arrive about an hour later with your spouse or grandparent, that would be ideal!

How Many Poses Can I Expect from My Newborn Session?

Every baby is different and therefore every session is different! The flow of every session starts with your baby swaddled, then your baby is transitioned to his/her side, then your baby is turned on his/her tummy for the "tushy" poses. I make every effort to capture all these sweet poses, but not every baby will want to be in those positions. I can guarantee that there will be a range of imagery in your gallery that captures all of your baby's uniqueness and exquisiteness! If there is a particular pose that you have seen either on my website or on my Instagram, please let me know so I can focus on capturing that pose for you.

Do you offer prints?

Yes! I partner with professional printing labs to offer a wide range of traditional print sizes and beautifully constructed fine art canvases, float wraps and professional prints.

How will I receive my images?

I deliver all of your final, high-resolution digital files through my password-protected website.